High and Heavy transport

Bus vans transport

Zandbergen is specialized in "High & Heavy vehicle transportation”. We primarily transport trucks, vans and agricultural machinery. Zandbergen High and Heavy B.V. operates with a modest but highly specialized truck-transporter fleet. Because most of our clients are transport companies or producers of transport vehicles, we possess a vast network within the world of transportation, which we utilize to optimize our services. 

Working area

 Nowadays the majority of our activities take place in the Benelux, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Spain and France. However, the scope of our capabilities knows no limits. We love a challenge and are ready to tap into new markets, so we would gladly take up your potential assignments outside of our usual territory. 

Truck transport


The main product we move through Europe is trucks. As a result of decades of experience, our trailers are designed by ourselves to serve this purpose perfectly. The functionality of our designs is proven by the fact that even some of our competitors are using them currently.  

tractor transport

Other heavy vehicles

In addition to transporting trucks, our trailers are also very suitable for the transportation of buses, vans, tractors and other agricultural machinery.